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12 August 2012 @ 05:30 pm
Gaijin 2./2.: LAX-NRT  
Title: Gaijin 2./2.: LAX-NRT
Author: that_runneth
Fandom: Tron
Pairing: Yori/OMC, Ram/OFC, Lora Baines/Alan Bradley
Rating/Warnings: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money.
Summary: The first ENCOM server breaks down in 1986. Some of the programs are recovered later, with Yori and the rewritten Ram amongst them, but none of them remembers their past. They are sold to different companies: Ram goes to Switzerland to work for a bank and Yori becomes the navigation software of the Japan Airlines. Unable to retrieve their memories they both start a new life in the virtual world of the '90s, where entities with artificial intelligence and Users are living and working closely.

Gaijin fic on AO3.